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Subscriptions API

This developer documentation explains how to use the Subscriptions API, which lets you retrieve your customers’ subscription status.

Get Customer Subscription


Retrieve data for a single user, knowing its applicationUsername.


URL Parameters:

  • <<applicationusername>>
    • The User Identifier used by your application.

Query Parameters:

  • appName and apiKey
    • For authentication using your App Name and Secret Key (Find them in your Account page).

Example request:

curl ''

Example response:

    "id": "my_user_id_AD",
    "createdAt": "2019-02-11T19:45:29.399Z",
    "updatedAt": "2019-02-21T16:56:55.135Z",
    "subscription": {
        "productId": "cc.fovea.purchase.subscription1",
        "expiresAt": 1550768267000,
        "renewedAt": 1550768087000,
        "subscribedAt": 1550679449000,
        "transactionId": "ios-1000000504545596",
        "subscriptionId": "ios-1000000504175380"


  • id: the user identifier.
  • createdAt: the user creation data.
  • updatedAt: the user’s last update.
  • subscription.productId: id of the in-app product the user is/was subscribed to.
  • subscription.expiresAt: expiry date of the subscription (in the future when active, in the past when expired).
  • subscription.renewedAt: last renewal date of the subscription.
  • subscription.subscribedAt: date of the first subscription.
  • subscription.transactionId: unique identifier of the last renewal’s transaction.
  • subscription.subscriptionId: unique identifier of the subscription.

All dates are in millis since epoch.

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