The In-App-Purchase Backend Solution for Cordova Developers



$0 / month

  • Development
  • Basic Support
  • Unlimited Sandbox Requests
  • No Production Requests


$9 / month

  • Production
  • 24/7 Support
  • Unlimited Sandbox Requests
  • 5,000 Production Requests / Month


$49 / month

  • Production
  • 27/7 support
  • Unlimited Sandbox Requests
  • 100,000 Production Requests / Month


Frequently asked questions


Is this service providing all I need to validate subscriptions/consumables/non-consumables or do I still need to handle something manually?

Yes, this will provide what you need to validate purchases and check subscriptions renewal on both iOS and Android, so you don’t require deploying your own server to do it.


I’m concerned about the request limits. Are requests being made every time my app is opened?

Yes. But quotas are based on the number of **new** receipts, so it’s roughly equal to your number of paying subscribers or products purchased per month.


What happens when you exceed the limits?

You can go over the limit. We will send you an email with a polite request for you to upgrade on the following month. There’s no hard limit so that you don’t loose money and customers.


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